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Shop 'N' Ship

Island Cooler presents a shipping service for residents of Grand Turk and Salt Cay, where you can place orders with any US Merchant and we'll get the package/s delivered directly to you for a low cost.

The process is easy and cheap.

Step 1

Create an account with us by clicking "Create Account" at the top-right of our home page. Be sure to add correct shipping address, and contact information in the account details section.

Contact us before ordering.”

 Step 2

Shop with any U.S. Merchant:

Macy's                  Walmart                    Best Buy

Amazon                 Foot Locker             Toy's R Us

Home Depot         Children's Place       and many more.

Agaci                    Nordstrom

Lowe's                  Forever 21

Old Navy              Carter's


Step 3

Ship your package directly to us at:

(Your Name) CMGDT 

3395 Nw 67th St

Suite 920

Miami, Fl, 33147

 (Your Phone Number)


e.g. Package shipping to Mary Susan

First Name: Mary      Last Name: SusanCMGDT (no spaces) 

Address 13395 Nw 67th St

Address 2: Suite 920

City: Miami,  State: FL,  Zip Code: 33147

 Phone #: (649)-231-0000



Name: Mary Susan CMGDT

Address 1: 3395 Nw 67th St

Address 2: Suite 920

City: Miami, State: FL, Zip Code: 33147

Phone # : (649)-231-0000